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Visual Studio 2005, Windows 7 and TFS 2010/2012

Installing Visual Studio 2005 on Windows 7
To install VS2005 on Windows 7 without using XP Mode:

To install as administrator, right-click the exe (usually setup.exe) and select ‘run as administrator’.
Connecting Visual Studio 2005 to Team Foundation Server 2010
To connect to TFS 2010, install the Forward Compatibility Update for Team Foundation Server 2010.
Connecting Visual Studio 2005 to Team Foundation Server 2012
To connect to TFS 2012, firstly install the TFS 2012 MSSCCI Provider. You will not be able to choose or edit workspaces in VS2005, so using a different version of Visual Studio that’s already connected to TFS 2012 do the following:

  • Create a new workspace just for VS2005, using a different path to your other workspaces (not nested within any of their paths)
  • Edit the new workspace, click the ‘Advanced’ button and set ‘Location’ to ‘Server’
  • Change your current workspace to the new one and in source control explorer, right-click the project you’d like to open in VS2005 and select ‘Get Latest’

Now, launch Visual Studio 2005 and do the following:

  • Go to Tools, Options, Source Control, set ‘Current source control plugin’ to ‘Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider’ and click OK
  • Go to Tools, Connect to Team Foundation Server and add or connect to the TFS2012 server as normal
  • Go to File, Open, Project/Solution and navigate to the .sln file for your project, making sure you choose the one in the new workspace’s path

There may be some automatic changes to the solution and project files but after that everything should work OK. You won’t be able to navigate source control in VS2005 but you’ll be able to open recent solutions via the Start page.


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